The Building Blocks For A New Economy

Banking Network Cryptographics offers an alternative financial ecosystem that maximizes your capital’s leveraging capability

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Disrupting The Status Quo

Blockchain has taken the next leap towards enhancing our daily lives. Using the BNC Network technology on a simple and easy to use application called “Ubanker” we can now allow e-commerce and POS merchants to improve not only their customers spending experience through cheaper, borderless and trustless transactions, but leverage their entire financial status through stable passive income generation in a decentralized ecosystem.

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A Gateway For All

A Blockchain Banking And Payment Ecosystem, Combining All The Services & Features Of Banking Within A Secure Decentralised Blockchain Network

BNC Blockchain Network Secure, Transparent & Scalable

The BNC Network is an open banking solution that will establish a seamless payment gateway between financial institutions globally. Built on Blockchain technology, The BNC Network provides an additional layer of protection and transparency, while drastically reducing the cost and time of transactions.

Skynet SDK Adaptable & Seamless

The SkyNet SDK is the first and only blockchain oracle system that can communicate with SWIFT and SEPA remittance codes. It provides financial institutions with private access to the BNC blockchain, which confirms that all funds circulating within the network are “physically” available to the bank. The SkyNet SDK is highly innovative and will set a new industry standard for AML and source of fund checks.

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Passive Income Generation

BNC network users will be able to generate passive income through a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. Users can loan available funds from their savings and checking accounts to BNC network validators (master nodes). This staked capital serves as a leverage tool for the validators while generating interest for the account holders.

BNC Crowd-Staking (BCS), a PoS workflow, is a new development by the BNC network and serves as the main engine of their unique system. Crowd-Staking involves a mining pool managed by a Master Node gathering Sub Node validators who combine their staked tokens in order to enhance resources and validation probability over the network.

Every user who owns a "Ubanker" wallet will be able to use their BNC tokens for staking on the network. Through BNC’s unique “Ghosting” feature both the BNC token and fiat backed stable coins will be able to participate in a node. “Ghosting” is the ability to stake stable coins via an API price calculation against the BNC token while mimicking its existence within the node. This will allow users to stake their capital without exposing it to the volatile crypto market, giving zero exposure.


BNC’s banking application will service both B2B & B2C clients through an Electronic Money Issuance (EMI) license regulated by the EU Central Bank. Implementing the “Ubanker” application on the BNC blockchain will create an easy and seamless access to advanced technology that businesses and mainstream society now desperately needs and demands. “Ubanker” will be the worlds first regulated DLT bank that runs on the BNC blockchain, eliminating high operational costs and required manpower, while maintaining scalability on an international level.

SWIFT & SEPA Compliant

Peer To Peer Payments

Risk Free Crowd Staking

Wallet Debit Card Spending

Strategic Partners

With over a quarter of a century’s experience working in the Data Protection & Payment Services industry, BNC’s sister companies are well known in the Fintech world and certified by Visa and Mastercard. Their Innovation and credibility are born from years of technical development allowing for a global reach in financial services, working with established clearing houses, credit facilities and enterprises they will allow for a fully intergrated product.

Netpay International
OBL Computer Network
Platinum Financial Services

The Road Map

2018 Q4

Light Paper
Blueprint: Vision and accompanying Materials
Company founded

2019 Q1

Marketing Strategy
White Paper
Regulatory Frame
Block chain Technical specs
Legal Structure and Frame work
Secure Technical Partners
Strategy formation
Business plan

2019 Q2

Licensing and regulation EU Application
Team expansion
UBanker Application UX/UI
Community formation
Protocol Development
Ubanker Application MVP Launch
Integration with Swift & Sepa Systems

2019 Q3

Development of Blockchain Protocol MVP
Crowd Staking Tests
Yellow Paper publication
IP & TM Registration
Advisory board recruiting
EMI application
BNC Blockchain Network Established

2019 Q4

Finish Compliance Frame Work
Establish Strategic partners
Expansion of IT Team
Ubanker Wallet Fully functional

2020 Q1

Applying for Listing on Major Crypto EX
UBanker PSP solution functional

2020 Q2

Ubanker Application MVP Launch
Protocol Testing through Ubanker App
First Crowd Minting Farm
Ubanker Banking switching system API functional

2020 Q3

BNC Network fully functional
Ubanker Application fully functional
Marketing Team expansion
Establish Partnerships with world leading E-commerce & physical POS businesses

2020 Q4

Expansion of regulatory reach to Asia
Application official launch in HK
Application official launch in Australia


Issuance of the BNC security Token
Application officialy launched in USA - NY
Global Presence
Open physical service location worldwide
Expansion of Crowd staking hardware