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About Us

BNC is built by a group of experts with over 25 years proven track record in the payment services industry. BNC’s strategic partners (NetPay Int, OBL & Platinum fs) enable a complete infrastructure to form the widest independent international banking application that wil serve all user needs. The application will provide for new and unrivalled advantages, cost effective product payment and unique client retention tools that enhance shoppers experience whilst reducing merchant payment costs. BNC will offer the ultimate membership reward system through thier risk free mining pool. All payments such as salaries, insurance, subscriptions, Taxes, Loans and day to day transactions, can be self – managed and automated with BNC’s simple and user friendly App “Ubanker”. BNC’s development team will provide for a reliable and secure financial system to seamlessly intergrate with the Blockchain ecosystem.

Our Mission

Our mission is constructed from the necessities that affect our daily life and how everyone deserves a better sense of security and financial freedom. We are not aiming to eliminate the banking sector, but rather improve and transform the next step of financial evolution. Money and its massive impact on our life can now be accessed and managed wherever there is Internet service, minimal to no cost and no force of hand limitations by third parties. Using Decentralized technologies, we bring new meaning to economy incentivization. BNC users share the same concerns and belief that our finances can be managed in a better way.

BNC is everyone.

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Our Partners

Our sister companies not only provide us with over a quarter of a century’s experience in the Data protection and Payment services industry but are also able to align and enhance our banking services for a new financial ecosystem.

Netpay International

Netpay is an international credit services provider that provides secure and efficient credit card clearing services for the leading technology and e-commerce industry. The software ensures that your transactions will be quickly and easily paid to your bank account using a secure payment page in the most stringent standards of risk management and information security.

OBL Computer Network

OBL offers businesses a Gateway Package to setup their operation. OBL has teamed up with Partner, the Israeli operator of the mobile brand “Orange”. for a Mobile Merchant application which became the software of choice for the cell phone company. Installation and integration of OBL’s system between different banks and payment solutions is only a small part of the services they offer, other areas include: SaaS support packages depending on their needs.

Platinum Financial Services

PFS provides financing, management and credit solution services to credit card portfolios all under one roof. These services are offered and used by the three main credit card companies: CAL, Leumi Card and Isracard, which issue and clear the following brands: Visa, Diners, MasterCard, Isracard And American Express.