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“UBanker” is a user-friendly application which allows real financial control in the way we store, spend, and invest our capital, while drastically reducing the cost of all transactions.

We are a digital banking hub that bridges the divide between traditional banking systems and decentralized advantages. Through BNC’s smart contract protocols, “UBanker” offers secure, lightning fast, bordeless financial control where all fees are capped at $0.10 and all FIAT currencies are digitalized to a cryptographic stable token.

Through our unique application, everyone will be able to generate passive income from their ongoing checking and savings account via easy access to mining technology, receiving safe, and unparalleled returns in a customized timeframe. Our alternative to investing allows everyone the access to returns which was once limited to the affluent few.

Advantages For Enterprises And Individual End Users

Payment & Management Tool


Enterprizes are able to enrol their employees into the “UBanker” application giving independent user function with a linked consent capability. Monthly payments such as salaries, health and life insurance, mortgages, taxes etc, can be self-managed in a simple, smart contract automated system for both employees and employers.


Individuals can self-manage their finances in an simple and customized automated system while benefiting from their network of transactional activity. With a singular point of control, all payments are easily organized and understood. Transfers are immediate and not restricted to weekdays.



Once verified within the “Ubanker” system, organizations will be able to provide “ULoans”. This unique loaning system allows businesses to earn interest from its own monthly processing or billing volume, loaning the parked funds and rolling reserves (RR) through a decentralized manner. Utilizing smart contract protocols, loan authorized “Ubanker” users can offer proven collateral for future payment with guarantors protecting the risk of the loan. Any organization can earn from the “Ubanker” app and use the network to earn interest on there parked balances.


“UBanker” users can leverage their transactional stability and qualify for loans with the click of a button. Contractors with consistent digital invoices can use their future payments as collateral while individuals with “UBanker” employer linked accounts can do the same with future salaries. Anyone can now loan or lend funds for what ever purpose the employed applicant requests it for. Whether an organization or individual user, all loans are settled by the network removing direct interaction between credit offer and receiver.

Savings Account


Enterprises have the capability to earn passive income by leveraging their stagnate capital. By holding your funds within our unique stable token mining protocol, exposure to the volatile crypto market is removed while risk free revenue is created. organizations can leverage frozen capital held as collateral.


Individuals can now earn revenue, that currently is limited to a small percentage of people. By holding stagnate capital in our revenue generating saving accounts, “UBanker” users will have returns equivalent to an investment instruments, without the risk.

Global Peer to Peer payment solution

Enterprize & Individuals

Unrestricted and borderless transactions irrelevant of location is a fundamental feature of “UBanker”. Anyone with an internet connection will be able to freely manage the way in which they financially interact with others in an easy and efficient manner. Unbanked individuals can have salaries directly sent to the application, catering the needs to a large population.

A Gateway To Smarter Banking & Personal Asset Leverage

Direct access to proof of stake mining
Swift & SEPA migration to ledger tech
QR Code Transactions
physical Point of sale access
Cryptocurrency Exchange
FIAT Exchange
Crypto & fiat Hot/cold Storage
E-Commerce payment solutions
Private key storage on FIAT
Mobile Micropayments
Personal Financial Management
Automated Clearing House
Debit Card Issuer
Membership Reward Program
Secure & Transparent

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